A Short History Of Chocolate
Chocolate is one of the most popular and loved sweet treats around the world. It’s loved in all sorts of shapes and sizes - bars, candy, spreadable chocolate, chocolate syrup… you name it. Everything that is made out of chocolate leaves most of us wanting more. But, how did this incredible dessert come to life? Who was the genius that decided to create it? Chocolate had an incredible journey throughout our history, ending up in modern times where it's still favoured among sweet-toothed aficionados looking for candied satisfaction.Cacao seeds grow naturally on trees, so it wasn’t long unti..
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Seven Reasons Coffee Is Good For You
That first coffee in the morning is more than just a treat – it’s become a deeply ingrained ritual and many of us can’t imagine how we’d start the day without it.From soy lattes to long blacks, coffee expenditure in the average Australian household has increased from sixty cents per week in the mid-seventies to $5.77 per week between 2009-10. While the price of coffee has increased during this time there’s no doubting that Australian’s love affair with coffee is more than just a fling.We’ve listed seven reasons below that will help you keep your coffee dream alive - and they’ll be easy to reme..
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10 Awesome Bonbonniere Gift Ideas
Bonbonniere gifts needn't be expensive and can still be totally awesome with our top ten finds on how to impress guests on a budget.SUCCULENTSLittle succulent pots are cute, cheap and easy to make. Local markets are a good way to pick these up with a small price tag and garden centres often sell the miniature versions much cheaper than their larger relatives. Find some tiny pots and either leave them natural or paint in the favourite colours of the bride and groom. You can make a little flag with each guests name and table number from a piece of paper and toothpick and stick it in the pot too...
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Creative Card Making
If you need to send someone a special hello but you’re on a budget or just set on sending an envelope-shaped gift, then making a card with your own two crafty hands is the way to go. Making cards is easy and affordable. Even if you’re living off cereal you can use the cereal box as the backing for your card and some old pasta to create noodle-inspired art.If you’re still feeling uninspired, we’ve created a list of ideas (with pictures,) that we offer to you from our noggin to yours, that will help get your creative river flowing. So grab some scissors and glue, put on a stylish apron and let’s..
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Gifts For Friends In Hospital
We’ve all had that moment where a friend or family member ends up in hospital. It may be for a celebratory occasion like the birth of a baby but unfortunately there are times where a hospital visit is for someone who has fallen ill or been hurt.Sending your condolences is important to show you care and keep your friends spirits up while they’re not feeling the best so we’ve put together some of the best gift ideas for patients who need some happiness.FLOWERSFlowers are an old classic that you can’t go wrong with. Choose flowers with bright colours and minimal scent. Bright colours are to add c..
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Six Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas You Can Make Yourself
With social sites like Pinterest and Instagram ruling the lives of us mere mortals, there's no longer any excuse for giving gifts wrapped in plain old Christmas wrapping paper. These days you have to put your creative cap on, get the glue and colouring pencils out and get busy making. The best part of this though…  the fun! Who doesn’t love sticky glue fingers and a keen sense of accomplishment over a finished project? And best of all, your Christmas gift recipient will love you for the extra effort. So, put your best foot forward with our six Christmas gift wrapping ideas.STAMPED CH..
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Byron Bay Gifts Joins PayPal With ‘Shop Off The Beaten Path’ Campaign
PayPal initiative to increase consumer interest in local businesses.BYRON BAY, New South Wales – October 10, 2016 – Byron Bay Gifts, Australian retailer of organic, local and sustainable gifts, has joined PayPal in an initiative to generate traffic to Australian businesses. The ‘Shop Off The Beaten Path’ campaign seeks to increase awareness of the importance of supporting local businesses throughout Christmas.In addition to being based in Australia, Byron Bay Gifts makes a point to stock Australian-made and designed products in order to further support local businesses. Byron Bay Gifts is a we..
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Byron Bay Candles New Design
Byron Bay Candles have just re-designed their candle range. What was already a lovely product has been refined to include soft pastel colours and fine silver detail in the print. The overall effect has created a luxury look with a beach twist and the new colour palette is on trend. We chat to Michelle about where it all started and where it's all going now!Tell us how you got into candle making.We owned The Hat Empire for 10 years and felt like we needed a change.  We knew Dave and Rona who were the owners of Byron Bay Candles, so when they decided to sell up we felt like this was th..
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Organic Biscotti - Cranberry, Rosemary & Sea Salt
Every now and again we come across a new product that we just have to have - even though we've just taken photos of our entire Christmas line. So when we met Byron Bay local Marci from Marci Food we just had to try her biscotti - and it was the best we've ever eaten. This is an incredibly crunchy biscotti full of juicy cranberry, rosemary & sea salt. The combination is tasty enough to eat on its own and could also be served with a cheese platter for extra pizzazz. It's also organic and gluten free. We know our customers are going to love giving it - which is why we are ..
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Top Tips For Farmers Market Shopping
Living in the Northern Rivers of NSW Australia has its advantages. The beaches and café culture are world class and the relaxed holiday atmosphere is prevalent year round. Another thing the Northern Rivers is well known for is the abundance of farmer’s and artisan markets. Why are there so many to choose from? Well, we’re lucky to live in an area of artists, entrepreneurs and farmers. Shopping local is the best way to buy your groceries so here's a few tips on how to get the best out of your local farmer's market.Get to know your local area.The Northern Rivers has good year round rainfall..
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Gluten Free Gift Hampers
GLUTEN FREE GIFT HAMPER ITEMSWe get a few requests about gluten free items for gift hampers and luckily we have quite a few products that are. Gluten free doesn't necessarily mean you are coeliac. Many people are choosing this kind of diet as a health and lifestyle choice whether they suffer from wheat allergies or not. Gluten is a mixture of two proteins occuring in cereals, grains and wheat. People who don't eat gluten avoid common items like bread and oats but there are other items like Teryiaki sauce which contain gluten. We suggest taking a look at Coeliac Australia website to find o..
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Christmas Hampers Offer 2016
At Byron Bay Gifts we like to think inside the box. How can we make a gift appealing through every stage? Your gift needs to be a fun, exciting experience with a ‘wow’ factor from beginning to end.So let’s start with the box. We know it’s good because people keep asking us where they can get their hands on them. Our gift boxes are Australian made with 70% recycled content and they also look good. Each box has our logo stamped in bronze in the centre of the lid, which adds a touch of cool elegance. We use a quality, wide ribbon that adds to the grand opening.Inside the box, you’ll find an assor..
Meet Our... Baby Clothes Designer - Ruby Owl
One of the great things about living in Byron Bay is the businesses you come across. We loved what Ruby Owl were creating from the get-go and have had them in our gift hampers for a few years now. Ally (mumprenuer, designer and all-round skillful seamstress) has a real talent for designing gorgeous, original baby clothes in on-trend fabrics. Of course, we love them because they're like nothing you'll see in the stores and the movement away from generic pale pinks & blues is a good one. Babies are individuals too and with clothes like Ruby Owl on the market, they can get thei..
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Top Tips For Staying Warm This Winter
In the middle of winter it can get so cold that you start coming up with unique ways of how to cover every part of you so there is not one piece of skin exposed. Ok. So, we live in Australia and it doesn’t get as cold here as it does in some parts of the world but some of us sorry souls feel the cold in their bones as soon as it drops below 25 degrees and we need a firm strategy on how to stay warm when this happens.Short of wearing gloves while you’re trying to use Instagram on your phone or donning a balaclava at the supermarket to keep your face extremities warm, we’ve got our top tips to s..
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