Corporate Branding

There are a range of different needs when it comes to corporate gift baskets. You're looking for that special congratulatory or thank you gift that shows how much you appreciate a customers business or staff members hard work. Showing this appreciation in the right way can help increase staff retention and customer loyalty for your business. The key is to find a gift that is going to suit the recipient but also have a personalised touch to it.

Some of our customers:







We provide the perfect solution for:

  • Settlement sales
  • Thank you gifts
  • Corporate Christmas gifts
  • Staff, customer or supplier birthdays
  • Unique baby gifts

Printed Ribbon


We offer printed ribbon for your gift which ranges in width from 10mm to 48mm. These are a great idea for Christmas or can be used year round for corporate orders.

Ribbon widths are 10mm, 15mm, 24mm, 36mm and 48mm. Each roll is 92 metres long and wraps approx. 50 boxes.

Pantone colour matching available for logos

Prices start at $150 with no set up fee.



Corporate Branding

Personalising your gift is important and we have options to suit your needs. Please note that some of the following options require minimum orders and have differing turn around times. Please enquire with us to discuss options available to you.

  • Magic Beans - Beans (seeds) inscribed with your business logo and branding on the tin the beans come in. Includes six beans and soil to get your plants started. The seeds begin to grow to reveal your message inscribed on the pod and can then be planted in the garden.
  • Bread Boards - Inscribe a bread board with your logo and package with our local foods for the perfect (and unique) gourmet gift.
  • Calendars & Diaries - Australian made from post consumer waste board and printed with vegetable inks. Calendars and diaries are the perfect corporate gift and are printed with beautiful images from Australian artists.
  • Cards printed with a corporate logo - Cards are either A5 cards folded in half horizontally or vertically and contain your corporate logo along with a personalised message. You can also have a corporate logo printed on a tag attached to the exterior of your gift.
  • Corporate ribbon - there are a huge range of corporate ribbons available from organza to sticky ribbon to herringbone. The type of ribbon you would like can depend on the amount you need to buy. The width and colour will affect the price. Please contact us to enquire about corporate ribbon specifying your needs (approximate number of gift baskets needed) and we can organise ribbon printing for you.
  • Corporate tissue paper - With 30 colours to choose from you'll be able to find a good match for your logo. Tissue paper will be placed inside your gift box. A minimum order is required with this product.
  • Branded box - You can have your business logo stamped onto our gift boxes. There are a range of box colours, lid options and logo placements available. A minimum order of 100 boxes is required and turn around time is approximately one week (2-3 weeks approaching Christmas. We use this option for our own boxes and it is an extremely professional way of displaying your business brand.
  • Branded keep cup - A unique addition to a coffee or tea gift basket which is also a green business gift. We can have the cup printed with your logo. This type of gift will be used daily keeping your business top-of-mind.

View our range of corporate gift baskets.

Contact us to discuss corporate branding:

1300 939 831 or

Are there discounts available? Yes, we do offer corporate discounts. This is based on repeat or bulk orders. Let us know what you have in mind.

When should I place my order? If you're planning on any corporate branding options it's best to give us notice. Ribbons can take 1-2 weeks and boxes approximately 10 working days. Please allow that as a minimum turnaround time.

I want to use my own logo - can I? Yes. Printing on cards is free. Check out our corporate branding section above to see what's available. You can contact us for more information.

How do I place a bulk order? Ask us to send through our Bulk Order Form for gifts delivered to multiple addresses or contact us via phone or email. If gifts are being delivered to one address you can simply order through our online shop, phone or send an email with your requirements.

Can I choose my own gift basket contents? Absolutely. As long as it's something we stock on our website we can arrange this into your own personalised gift basket.

Why should I choose Byron Bay Gifts?

  • We offer Australian made gifts that contain organic, handmade and sustainable elements. A card within your gift will let your recipient know that you're 'shopping green'.
  • Our gifts are luxurious and quality which is important in how your business is perceived by your recipient.
  • We already service a number of corporate customers and pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. If you have an idea that you want to run past us, let us know! 
  • We have a range of corporate branding options available for your business.