Meet Our... Baby Clothes Designer - Ruby Owl

Meet Our... Baby Clothes Designer - Ruby Owl

One of the great things about living in Byron Bay is the businesses you come across. We loved what Ruby Owl were creating from the get-go and have had them in our gift hampers for a few years now. Ally (mumprenuer, designer and all-round skillful seamstress) has a real talent for designing gorgeous, original baby clothes in on-trend fabrics. Of course, we love them because they're like nothing you'll see in the stores and the movement away from generic pale pinks & blues is a good one. Babies are individuals too and with clothes like Ruby Owl on the market, they can get their fashion stars early.

Tell us how you got into making baby clothes?

A: I love babies! I have six children myself and loved all the cute baby wear. So I decided to make some clothes when my third child turned two and here I am nine years later and still loving all things baby wear.

How do you come up with the designs you make?

A: I get inspiration from all sorts of places including baby photos, designer books and the world around me. For me it’s all about the fabrics and I do enjoy sourcing new and beautiful fabrics from all over the world.

I found I had a passion for making beautiful baby wear and the sewing just became easier.

What is your background in sewing – where did you learn?

A: I’m a self-taught sewer. When I first got started I had limited experience but felt inspired to be more self-sustainable when dressing my own children. Then I found I had a passion for making beautiful baby wear and the sewing just became easier.

What have you learnt about your business along the way?

A: I've learnt to believe in myself and what I love. My business has grown every year and I get great feedback, so it's just nice to know that people love my clothes as much as I do.

Tell us about your new brand/products?

A: I just finished making a range of baby leggings with matching shirts for winter which are fun and practical. I am now looking at bringing in some new fabrics for spring which I will offer in a new reversible pinafore ‘crop top’ design which I have not done before. They will be really versatile and great for spring and summer.

A day on Clarkes beach with the kids is always a favourite.

Where’s your favourite place to go in Byron Bay?

A: I love all of Byron Bay, but particularly the beach. A day on Clarkes beach with the kids is always a favourite. If I’m on my own I do love shopping in Byron too and the light house walk is amazing.

What’s your favourite time of year in the shire?

A: I do love summer. Being from Canada originally I loved getting away from the winter chills and although the Australian winter is nowhere near as cold as the Canadian winter the long hot summers days are definitely my favourite.

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Zoe is a new-school blogger who uses her talents for the power of good. She loves to chat to business owners and get into the nitty gritty of what makes them tick. She lives in Northern NSW and is an avid farmer's market attendee.

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